This is Pizzapanelet

We wanted help from someone who loves pizza as much as we did and that's how the idea for Pizzapanelet came about.

We have now hired 5 regular pizza testers who participate in the exciting work of developing Norway's favorite pizza with us. The pizza panel consists of pizza lovers from all over Norway, who test news and give us their honest assessment of the menu.

Watch all the episodes below or on our YouTube channel.

Episode 1

Pizzapanelet tests Kylling Bianca.

Episode 2

Pizzapanelet tests Meatballs.

Episode 3

Pizzapanelet tests Piccante.

Episode 4

Pizzapanelet tests Classic Meatballs.

Episode 5

Pizzapanelet tests Kebabpizza.

Episode 6

Pizzapanelet tests Domino's Delight.

Episode 7

Pizzapanelet tests Beef & Bearnaise.

Episode 8

Pizzapanelet tests Chicken BBQ Melt Sandwich.