Failed payment

We didn’t receive your payment.

You have landed on this page because we have registered that you placed an order with us on 24 or 25 January. This order was paid with Vipps, but due to problems the payment never got through to us! Here we explain what happened and the way forward. Please read everything, and if you have any questions after reading, you can send an e-mail to!

What happened?

January 24th:

On the afternoon of 24th of January, an update was made to our payment platform which caused many payments made with Vipps to fail. This continued until the morning of January 25th, when the error was rectified. All the orders went through as usual, despite the fact that the payments did not.

February 1st:

This was attempted to be resolved by withdrawing all affected payments again on 1 February. Here, however, all payments were automatically refunded, due to a security setting we have that our payment platform provider was not aware of.

February 13th:

On 13 February, we sent out text messages to all customers who were affected by this, telling them that we would try to carry out the automatic moves again. This failed once again as too much time had passed since the original payment was attempted.

Make a new payment:

Since the automatic withdrawals failed, we unfortunately have to bother you with making the payment again. A payment link has been sent out with a new SMS and email where it is possible to complete the payment.

I haven't ordered!?

If you believe that you did NOT place an order on 24 or 25 January, you can contact us by e-mail Please attach your name and telephone number, so that we can look into the matter as quickly as possible.

Make good:

As a small compensation for your trouble, you will receive a coupon for 1 x free side on your profile after the payment is completed. You can use this on your next order by clicking "Coupon or discount code?" in the shopping cart. If you don't have a profile with us you can create one here and let us know, then we'll give you the coupon code.

We want to apologize to all of our customers that has been affected by this. We wish the situation was handled better, and we will take strong measures to ensure potential similar situations will be handled better in the future!