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Domino’s at work

Eating at the office done right

We have made it easy for everyone in the company to order food for the office. Whether it is for an event, company celebration or overtime food, Domino's can deliver.

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Benefits with Domino's at Work

    Place the order on the website or via the app when it suits you.
    Get rid of the hassle of reporting outlays. Choose whether you want to pay by credit card, vipps or invoice.
    Add users who should be able to order from the account and select the desired credit.
    Manage users, budgets, addresses and see a full overview of previous orders.

*Special terms apply, please contact for more information.

How to order

Ordering food for the office is as easy as ordering food at home.

1. Log in using the phone number associated with your user.

2. Select the corporate profile.

3. Order the desired pizza.

4. Pay by credit card, vipps or invoice.

5. Enjoy your delicious pizza!

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Planning a large order?

Send us an e-mail at with more information (date, number of people, place etc.), and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Do you want more information or a nice chat?

Our sales department will be happy to contact you!

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