• How to order?

You can easily order yourself at dominos.no or on our app!

1. Under "Order your pizza", enter your address or favorite store.

2. Or you can click on the three lines at the top left, and then "Order now".

  • Where can I download the receipt?

You can easily find receipts for previous orders on your customer profile.

1. Go to the profile page.

On PC: Click on the profile symbol at the top right, and then log in.

On phone/tablet: Click on the profile symbol at the bottom right, and then log in.

2. Select "History".

3. Find the order you need a receipt for, and select "Download receipt".

If you do not have a customer profile with us, you can easily create it here.

If you ordered as a guest, you must contact us, and we will send you your receipt. Note! This only applies to orders made in Norway.


  • How do I use coupon codes?

1. Log in to your user on dominos.no or via our app.

2. Select the desired products.

3. In the shopping cart, press "Coupon or discount code?".

4. Select coupon.

5. Proceed to the order after the coupon has been placed.

Some coupon codes only work on pickup. Try to change the delivery method if you run into problems. If it still does not work, you can contact us!


  • Why is gluten-free pizza not on offer?

Gluten-free pizza is not included in most offers as it is simply much more expensive and more time consuming to make. We fully understand that those with gluten allergy have not chosen this themselves, and it is of course unfortunately that it will be so. Maybe sometime in the future there will be offers for those who need gluten-free alternatives as well!

We also have an agreement with the Norwegian Celiac Association which gives all members a 10% discount on all food with us. If you are a member there, you can find more information about this under "Financial Membership Benefits" on their website!

  • Do you have vegan pizza?

We want to be able to offer pizza to everyone, but unfortunately we do not have any pure vegan offerings on our menu at the moment. If you want to order pizza from us, it is possible to choose our gluten-free base and remove the cheese. This one is completely vegan!

We hope to have a better vegan offer on our menu in the future!